Setouchi International Children’s Film Festival 2011 - Angel Road Screenplay Contest Grand Prize
2014 Setonaikai National Park 80th Anniversary Memorial Film

Feature Film Samurai Pirates (original Japanese title: Setouchi Kaizoku Monogatari )
Directed by Kenichi OMORI


Experience a heart-warming marine adventure out of the pages of Japanese history!

The beautiful Seto Inland Sea is home to the legendary treasure of the samurai pirates, undiscovered for four hundred years. When a modern dispute threatens her community, Kaede, an enterprising twelve-year-old, leads three classmates on a perilous voyage to a secret island, to expose the legacy of Takeyoshi Murakami, her ancestor and the hero of the samurai pirates.
But is the legend real? And what awaits the spirited adventurers as they step into the past? Based upon historical events, this heart-warming tale bridges genres in a celebration of camaraderie and challenge, a thrilling experience that makes for worthy family viewing.


In a twelve-year-old girl’s blood runs the spirit of her samurai ancestry!

Kaede is a sprightly girl whose town on an island in the Seto Inland Sea stands disheartened by the abolition of a ferry route central to its survival. If discontinued her family will lose their soy sauce factory and, with it, their home. The crisis appears beyond solution, but Kaede’s spirit knows no surrender. When her dreams tell of the treasure that her ancestor, Takeyoshi Murakami, is believed to have stashed away, she recruits three friends and resolves to uncover the four-hundred-year-old mystery. Yet their only clue is a map seemingly undecipherable, and currents unpredictable and strong stand in their way.
In this story, a brave young girl battles the odds, and wins!


  • Kyoka SHIBATA
    Kyoka SHIBATA
    Kaede MURAKAMI
  • Masaki IZAWA
    Masaki IZAWA
    Manabu NIKAIDO
  • Wakana AOI
    Wakana AOI
  • Kyoichi OMAE
    Kyoichi OMAE
    Fuyuki ASADA
  • Takashi NAITO
    Takashi NAITO
    Tatsuya MURAKAMI
  • Eri ISHIDA
    Eri ISHIDA
    Haruko MURAKAMI
  • Kotaro KOIZUMI
    Kotaro KOIZUMI
    Ujihara KIYOHIDE
  • Toshi TAKEUCHI
    Toshi TAKEUCHI
    Ryuichi MIYAMOTO
    Midori MURAKAMI
  • Erika MABUCHI
    Erika MABUCHI
    Kayo ASADA
  • Saburo ISHIKURA
    Saburo ISHIKURA
  • Naomasa MUSAKA
    Naomasa MUSAKA
    Akinori MIYAMOTO
  • Kai ATO
    Kai ATO
    Kenzo TSUKUDA
  • Tokuma NISHIOKA
    Tokuma NISHIOKA
  • Tamao NAKAMURA
    Tamao NAKAMURA
    Kinuko MURAKAMI

Narrator:Kouichi YAMADERA

  • Hiromi HAKOGI
    Hiromi HAKOGI
  • Jyudai IKESHITA
    Jyudai IKESHITA
    Hayato NIKAIDO
  • Paloma ITO
    Paloma ITO
    Iwao WAJIMA


Director/Script: Kenichi OMORI

Born in Ehime in 1975. Kenichi graduated from Osaka University of Arts and directed a number of video productions such as commercials and short films and won several awards in and outside Japan. In 2011 he started his own production company Usagimaru.
Filmography: “Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata” (2010) Director (=How to enjoy writing light novels)
“Kyofu Shimbun” (2011) Script/Director (=Horror newspaper)

Producer :Yumiko MASUDA

Born in Takayama city in Gifu, Yumiko started as a writer for Home Economics Wise magazine. In 1991 she established a production company, Heisei Project Inc. and produced several films and TV programs and won a number of prizes. She carried out Setouchi International Children’s Film Festival 2011 as a General Producer. She is the author of two books that tell her story of film making as a housewife.
Japan-Iran coproduction “Wind Carpet” (2003) Producer / Documentary film “Heisei Masters” (2005) “The Resurrection of Tamamushi Shrine” (2008) Producer / “Raise the Castle!” (2009) Producer / Japan-Korea coproduction documentary film “Light over the Straits” (2009) “Lee Ye” (2013) Producer

Written by:Kenichi OMORI / Hiroyasu YUHARA / Kaori FUJII
Production Manager:Masumi HIROSE
Director of Photography:Hiroaki NIIZUMA
Production Sound Mixer:Hitoshi YAMADA
Lighting:Masamichi OMACHI
Production Designer:Yukiharu SESHIMO
VFX producer:Tsuyoshi KAZUNO
VFX supervisor:Yuetsu MURAKAMI
Editor:Kenichi OMORI
Music Director:Takaaki NAKAHASHI / Jin ARAKAWA
Costume Designer:Chiyoe HAKAMADA
Hair&Make-up Designer:Akane WATANABE
Casting:Akemi MATOBA



"Tanka," which means “short song,”is a Japanese five-line poem. It has been an important literary form in Japanese culture for nearly a thousand years. A Tanka poem has the basic structure of 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count in its five-line form.


"Kamon" is a Japanese emblem used to decorate and identify a family. The emblem of Murakami family can be still found in the old houses. The emblem in the photo is on the roof tile of an acutual Murakami family's house today in Ehime, Japan. Some scenes of the movie were filmed in this house.


"Ema" (wishing tablet) is a small wooden plate to write wishes on. They are then left hanging up at Shinto shrines or in places where the spirits or gods are believed to receive them. Most people wish for good health, success in business, passing entrance exams, love or wealth.


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2014 / Japan/ color / 19 : 6 / 5.1ch / 116min
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